Journalist, Data Geek, Storyteller. Not necessarily in that order.

Very interested in the internet world, social media and journalism. Thinks that somehow all this might have something in common.

Appreciates the way numbers can reveal stories. Still believes in the transforming power of journalism, mostly influenced by an emotional attachment to Citizen Kane and The Newsroom. Currently taking a masters in Communication at University of Minho, was the director of the academic online newspaper ComUM Online. Won the  2015 Obciber’s prize for academic online journalism with the multimedia longform story “Por onde já não Navegamos”.

Works as a data journalist at Rádio Renascença since 2016.

Has started a lot of books. Published one. Threats to repeat it. Has a photography blog that seldom visits. When he is not working on something new, feeds his facebooktwitter and instagram pages with daily ramblings.