Rui Barros

Published at Renascença
on July 25th, 2019

Discover gas stations with services set closer to you

Project screenshot
Project screenshot
Project screenshot

When the drivers responsible to deliver fuel to gas stations got on strike, the country was afraid they could not get gas on their car. Because it’s something almost everyone relies on, the goverment made available a list of 321 gas stations across the country where people could at least get 15 liters. The problem? The government only provided the name of the gas station and in which parish it was located.

Using Googles Place’s API, I was able to geolocate them - even if some were needed to be adjusted by hand - and created a map where everyone could check which gas station could sell fuel.



Maria Inês Moreira

Technologies Used

R, Google Places API, JavaScript, Mapbox


Society, fuel, maps