Rui Barros

Published at PÚBLICO
on July 23rd, 2020

National Health Service reaches record number of work absences in May

Project screenshot
Project screenshot
Project screenshot

Using “Portal da Transparência” of the Portuguese NHS I was able to find out that the number of days of absence from work by healthcare professionals hit the maximum value in May. That could be explained because of covid-19 by itself but also because a lot of NHS workers are also parents and have family that they needed to take care of during the lockdown.

After finding that, and even with the Portuguese government saying that we never had so many workers on the NHS, I’ve analysed how much that number increased in the last year.

On this project, I’ve used R and the tidyverse package to analyze and do the subsequential data transformations and chart.js to develop the interactive bar chart on the top of the article.



Maria João Lopes

Technologies Used

R, tidyverse, Chart.js


Coronavirus, NHS, healthcare workers