Rui Barros

Published at Renascença
on June 7th, 2017

Sardines' Economy

Project screenshot
Project screenshot
Project screenshot

If you ever visit a portuguese city in June, you are very likely to feel in the air the smell of grilled sardines.

Portuguese love sardines, specially in June, a month of celebrations and festivities for the so called “Popular Saints”. What portuguese people never really think about is that this is the most important month for fisherman to get some profit. If the sea allows it.

While two reporters went on a boat to understand how hard this job is, I’ve analysed and made a small chart to show the price fluctuations of this kind of fish.

Even though this was not a very data complex project - portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE) had the numbers on an excel that just needed some cleaning and data transformation - this was the first time a ggplot2 chart developed by me was published.



Marília Freitas, André Rodrigues.

Technologies Used

R, ggplot2


Economy, fish, sea